Sand Products

Building Sand - Macassar building sand, used for making concrete

MacSand - Yellow Building Sand, used for making concrete and the laying of bricks

Mix Sand - Also known as Malmesbury Mix. A Multi purpose blend of sands mixed with Malmesbury sand and yellow MacSand. Used for plastering, building and concrete, highly recommended.

Malmesbury Sand - River sand / plaster sand, used for plastering and building

Filling sand – used for filling and under paving.

Philippi Sand – used for the screeding, building and plastering

Lime sand - plaster sand, used for plastering, gives a very smooth finish

Topsoil – for garden use and top dress of grass and potting soil

Stone Products

25/19mm blend stone – used for making concrete

19mm grey/white stone – used for making concrete and drainage

13mm grey/white stone – used for making concrete, drainage and cavity filling

19mm brown stone – used mostly for driveway landscaping

13mm brown stone – used mostly for garden landscaping, drainage and cavity filling (See formula below)

6mm grey stone – used for part of mix for concrete products and roads, drainage and cavity filling

Crusher dust – used for toppings, filling and part of mix for masonry products

Gravel Products

Sub base – G5 crushed gravel used in driveways and parking areas. Also used under paving

Base course – G4, G3 and G2 crushed gravel. Mainly used in road and highway construction

Laterite base course – natural gravel in G4 specification

Laterite sub base – natural gravel in G5 specification 



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